The products of Cobatec are marketed by the brand name CoBaT or previously BRT.

The Regenerator is adapted to different applications depending upon which type of batteries and which types of treatments are going to be performed.

The name of the product is CoBaT 20 -5 where 20 indicate the size of the product and 5 indicates the number of the main versions. It is possible to update the different version to the latest version.

The regenerator works in following product areas:

Traction and Motive batteries which are utilized in fork-trucks, electric vehicles, golf cars, mobile cleaning machines.

Stationary batteries which are utilized in telecoms, backup units to computer centre, hospitals etc...

Start batteries which are utilized in lorries, buses, tractors and cars etc.

Cobatec provides also instruments and tools which is necessary in order run a professional regeneration center.




regnerator with traxction battery