The two basic instruments are the ampere-meter and the acidy-meter. Both of these instruments measure in many cases the state of capacity. The tension is the simplest way of getting information about the state of capacity. For traction battery is equally important to know the state of charge and a battery should be fully charged when measured. Stationary batteries have as a rule sealed batteries and in many applications they are almost always nearly fully charged. By combining voltage value with density values a quite good indication of the state of health is obtained.

There are specialized instruments which measure State of health mainly for start-batteries and stationary batteries. Start-batteries are designed to generate a current to start the engine. This starting current is named Cold Cranking Ampère’s (CCA). The standard require testing in minus degrees Celsius but these instrument can be used in environment temperature. 


As the main purpose for a battery is to deliver electric power and therefore is discharging equipment the only sure way of discovers the true capacity of the battery. For traction and stationary batteries it is necessary to have such equipment. The process of regeneration, when it is done in a standardized way, starts with a discharged battery especially when dealing with traction and stationary batteries.

Cobatec and its distributors have a full specification of all instruments, equipment and working materials which is necessary.