The regenerator CoBaT, world leading, for lead-acid batteries, is produced by Cobatec.  Cobatec is producing desulphatation or maintenance chargers for lead acids batteries.

The products are sold in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and America. The products of Cobatec are marketed

by the brand name CoBaT or BRT. 

Cobatec has recently introduced its fifth generation to the market. Older generations of the product CoBaT and
BRT are easily adapted to the latest generation.
Cobatec is regenerating lead acid batteries such as traction batteries, stationary batteries including
stand by batteries and start batteries.

Business concept 

 The business idea of Cobatec is to decrease the lifetime cost for lead –acid batteries in an ecological manner. 

 -   Take responsibility for handling and maintenance of lead-acid batteries. Well documented and maintained batteries diminish the risk of unexpected shut-down in vehicles as well as decreasing maintenance expenditure by less strain on the components in the vehicles. 

 -  Desulphatation of lead-acid batteries which enlarge the lifetime and improve the capacity of the battery. 

 -   Carry through surveys of battery parks in order to establish status, action plan and implementation of the action plan. 

 -   Set-up and dimension centers of regeneration

 The industry of batteries has normally a well-organized recycling process. However the process to recycle is extremely poisonous. Should all lead-acid batteries work one year longer the environmental strain should diminish considerable. This is the reason that prolongation of the lifetime of lead-acid batteries by desulphation is from the environmental point of view a profitable or rewarding action. 


Cobatec is investing in research both in order to develop the regenerator and also to improve the process of regeneration. The technology of regeneration is continually advancing and by buying the Regenerator from Cobatec the customer is sure to acquire the latest technology in regeneration of lead-acid batteries.

An illustration between an old battery and the same battery regenerated

Old battery                                                                        Regenerated old battery


Offer from Cobatec 

Cobatec offer a profitable business opportunity to invest in one of the largest battery segments. The regenerator is adapted to the specific need of each customer. The offers incudes, if necessary an extensive education program which covers both battery and regeneration knowledge. Follow-up by practical examples on site are included in our after sales service. Remote tracking and updating to new software version can be done in the same manner as on computers. 

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